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Anticipating a surge in positive tests for the COVID-19 virus, the Department of Public Health hired 82 new nurses over the past two weeks and will disperse them over several San Francisco hospitals. The number of confirmed cases in California rose to more than 2,000 on Monday with cases in the Bay Area surging toward 1,000. Despite large crowds gathering at parks South Africa News and beaches over the weekend, police say they are not yet enforcing social distancing but officials continue to urge residents to maintain 6 feet of space separation when out in public.

More headlines: Cal using pass/fail system; cruise ship passengers being released, and Olympics face postponement.

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Total cases Deaths 719+New cases
Alameda County 122 1
Feb. 26March 23
Contra Costa County 71 1
Marin County   47 0
Napa County    2 0
San Francisco County 131 0
San Mateo County 142 1
Santa Clara County 321 13
Solano County 21 0
Sonoma County 29 1
SOURCES: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the California Department of Public Health and county public health departments, exclusive Chronicle reporting
Since the first community-acquired illness was reported on Feb. 26 in a Solano County woman, testing protocols have expanded and the number of positive tests has grown substantially, prompting shelter-in-place orders across the Bay Area. Even with detailed guidelines concerning personal hygiene and social distancing being stressed, the spread of the virus has continued in the Bay Area. The confirmed cases, however, are far lower than the actual number of people with the coronavirus, as not everyone exhibits symptoms or seeks medical attention.

Testing was a source of frustration for public health authorities battling coronavirus Press Release Distribution Services In South Africa in the first weeks of the outbreak. initially, only the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was able to test, but at the end of February, some state and county laboratories were given supplies to do their own testing. Since then, all 50 states have started testing, and commercial labs have developed their own tests. Public health officials agree that the actual number of people with COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, is much higher than the number of confirmed cases due to the ongoing lack of available tests.

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