Abbott Opens Texas G.O.P.'s Push to Reshape the State

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Calling a peculiar league of the Legislature, Gov. Greg Abbott commenced a fierce governmental clash arsenic authorities Republicans question to restrict voting, transgender rights and however racism is taught.

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is up   for re-election adjacent  twelvemonth  and volition  look   a situation  from his close    successful  the superior   race.
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Published July 7, 2021Updated July 8, 2021, 1:14 a.m. ET

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas connected Wednesday kicked disconnected a high-stakes governmental combat implicit the state’s future, formally announcing a peculiar league of the Legislature successful which helium and chap Republicans volition effort to propulsion Texas further to the close connected issues similar elections and voting, transgender rights and however racism is taught successful schools.

The peculiar session, acceptable to statesman connected Thursday, follows an already ultraconservative legislative session this spring, erstwhile the Republican-dominated Legislature passed a near-ban connected abortion and a instrumentality permitting the carrying of handguns without permits, moving roughshod implicit protests from Democrats, concern coalitions and civilian rights groups successful an often strictly party-line manner.

But the Legislature failed to walk 1 of the governor’s signature priorities for the league — a sweeping predetermination overhaul measure that would person been 1 of the astir restrictive voting laws successful the state — erstwhile Democratic authorities lawmakers staged a melodramatic late-night walkout that deprived the House of a quorum and temporarily killed the bill.

Republicans’ caller predetermination overhaul measure successful Texas, a authorities which already has immoderate of the nation’s strictest voting rules, volition beryllium the archetypal to travel earlier a authorities legislature since the Supreme Court’s ruling past week to uphold 2 voting restrictions successful Arizona. That determination significantly elevated the threshold for whether a voting measurement constitutes a usurpation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits discriminatory voting practices.

While the 2nd effort to walk voting measures volition beryllium possibly the astir intimately watched legislative conflict erstwhile the league convenes connected Thursday, Mr. Abbott besides called for the Legislature to instrumentality up measures combating perceived “censorship” connected societal media platforms; banning the teaching of “critical contention theory” successful nationalist schools; further limiting abortions; putting successful spot caller borderline information policies; and restricting transgender athletes from competing successful schoolhouse sports.

Mr. Abbott is besides seeking much dedicated backing for spot taxation alleviation and cybersecurity.

The politician is up for re-election adjacent year, erstwhile helium volition look a situation from his close successful the Republican superior race. He has besides been seen successful Texas arsenic laying the groundwork for a imaginable statesmanlike bid successful 2024.

“The 87th Legislative Session was a monumental occurrence for the radical of Texas, but we person unfinished concern to guarantee that Texas remains the astir exceptional authorities successful America,” Mr. Abbott said successful a statement. “Two of my exigency items, on with different important legislation, did not marque it to my table during the regular session, and we person a work to decorativeness the occupation connected behalf of each Texans.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who besides serves arsenic president of the State Senate, pledged to implicit Mr. Abbott’s agenda, but helium made wide that a voting measure would beryllium his, and truthful the Senate’s, apical priority.

“We are acceptable to walk each of the authorities connected @GovAbbott’s Special Session telephone starting with #SB1 — Election Security,” Mr. Patrick wrote connected Twitter. “Hearings volition statesman Saturday.”

The docket is definite to inflame Democratic authorities lawmakers who person already been angered by the Legislature’s rightward crook this year. And adjacent immoderate Republicans stay miffed astatine the governor’s determination past period to veto backing for the Legislature arsenic a punishment for the Democrats’ determination to fly the Capitol implicit the voting bill.

While lawmakers, who person lone a token stipend for their role, are not peculiarly affected by Mr. Abbott’s move, galore unit members whose salaries are babelike connected that wealth stay successful limbo, with backing acceptable to expire successful September. The contented of backing the Legislature is besides connected the docket for the peculiar session.

“What we deliberation he’s done is decidedly unconstitutional,” said State Representative Rafael Anchía, a Democrat from the Dallas area. “He’s trying to blackmail america to walk his docket by defunding the legislative branch.”

Two Republican lawmakers, State Senator Brandon Creighton of Conroe and State Representative Travis Clardy of Nacogdoches, some said that they saw the inclusion of legislative backing connected the docket arsenic an opening by the politician to reconsidering the issue.

“He’s evidently bringing the Legislature into the fold of collaborating with them connected the aboriginal of backing for authorities employees and the Legislature,” Mr. Creighton said. “That’s each I tin instrumentality from it.”

Mr. Clardy described it arsenic “an encouraging sign” and an denotation that the politician was “receptive to walking that back.” But neither lawmaker said helium had discussed the contented with the governor’s office, and some said they didn’t cognize what Mr. Abbott would request to reconstruct the funding.

State Representative Chris Turner, the seat of the House Democratic caucus successful Texas, accused the politician of leveraging the legislative league for his ain governmental gain.

“The governor’s docket for the peculiar league shows helium is much acrophobic with pandering to die-hard Trump supporters and right-wing extremists than helium is with serving mundane Texans,” Mr. Turner said successful a statement.

For Democrats, the inclusion of much backing for a borderline partition was impervious that Mr. Abbott was playing strictly to the Republican base, due to the fact that helium had already announced that helium would acceptable speech $250 cardinal from the state’s wide gross arsenic a down outgo for a borderline partition and asked online donors to ft the remainder of the bill. A programme manager would past find the eventual size and full outgo of the project.

“A batch of radical successful Texas, they look to deliberation that determination truly isn’t a existent borderline astatine the U.S.-Mexico border, that radical are conscionable walking over,” said State Senator José Menéndez, a San Antonio Democrat. While crossings person accrued to levels not seen successful years, Mr. Menéndez said, a partition would person small effect arsenic agelong arsenic radical proceed to permission their homes successful Central America to flight poverty, transgression and corruption. “He’s trying to triumph that Trump base.”

And that effort, Democrats said, came astatine the disbursal of other, much pressing issues successful Texas.

“I’m furious and I’m embarrassed for the state,” said State Representative Erin Zwiener, who argued that the politician was again trying to barroom transgender pupil athletes from competing successful sports portion neglecting what she saw arsenic needed reforms to wellness security oregon regulations to forestall different powerfulness grid failure, similar the 1 that killed much than 100 Texans successful February.

“None are those are the issues we are focusing successful on,” she said. “Instead we’re talking astir a measure that attacks immoderate of our astir susceptible children to marque a civilization warfare point.”

The breadth of the docket took adjacent immoderate Republicans by surprise.

“My archetypal instrumentality is, we’re going to beryllium busy,” said State Senator Jane Nelson, 1 of the chamber’s elder members and the seat of the Senate Finance Committee. “This is simply a overmuch longer telephone than I deliberation astir of america expected.”


Democrats from the Texas Legislature spoke aft  a gathering  with Vice President Kamala Harris astatine  the White House past  month.
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Ms. Nelson, a North Texas Republican who announced this week that she would not question re-election aft 28 years of service, said she was guardedly hopeful that lawmakers mightiness beryllium capable to debar an explosive confrontation implicit the voting bill.

“What I americium hoping is present that everybody’s had immoderate clip to get immoderate slumber and deliberation done what the arguable points were,” she said, “I deliberation we’ll beryllium capable to enactment thing out. I truly do.”

Key members of the Republican enactment successful the Legislature, including Dade Phelan, the talker of the House, and State Senator Bryan Hughes, the writer of his chamber’s mentation of the voting measure past session, did not respond to requests for comment.

Some Democrats besides feared that the inclusion of measures connected hot-button civilization warfare issues, aft akin bills had already died successful the Legislature, could service arsenic a distraction from their effort to support voting rights.

“Make nary mistake, 1 of the ways to minimize the import of voting rights is to situation it with hyperpartisan reddish meat,” said State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, a Democrat who accused Mr. Abbott of utilizing the legislative league to assistance his superior re-election campaign.

The legislative acrimony came to caput successful precocious May implicit Republicans’ omnibus voting bill, which, aft months of debate, was finished down closed doors by G.O.P. legislators and lawyers successful a league committee portion Democrats were kept successful the dark.

The last measure included a raft of restrictions connected voting and elections, including caller limits connected absentee balloting, wide caller autonomy and authorization for partisan canvass watchers, and stricter punishments for predetermination officials who are recovered to person made errors. The measure besides would person banned drive-through voting and 24-hour voting, which were utilized for the archetypal clip during the 2020 predetermination successful Harris County, location to Houston and galore Democratic voters.

Two precocious additions to the measure — a shortening of voting hours connected Sundays that seemed intended to bounds the fashionable “Souls to the Polls” programs of Black churches, and a proviso that would marque overturning elections easier — peculiarly enraged Democrats.

Both Democrats and Republicans expect the archetypal mentation of the voting measure successful the peculiar league to beryllium akin to the 1 that failed successful May, though they besides expect the proviso connected overturning elections to beryllium removed. Even immoderate Republican lawmakers had expressed concerns that the proviso was included successful the earlier last bill.

David R. Montgomery contributed reporting from Austin, Texas.

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