Aussie teen lauded after copping 'dirty', 'scary' foul

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Australian teen Josh Giddey enactment guardant his champion NBA show to day successful a 12-point nonaccomplishment to Philadelphia connected Monday (AEDT).

The Thunder mislaid 115-103 to the 76ers, who are inactive missing wantaway Ben Simmons who was suspended for the play opener past week, and has since informed teammates helium isn't mentally acceptable to play.

It was his chap Australian Giddey who alternatively took centre signifier and helium was mightily awesome with 19 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 steals successful the defeated side.

The 19-year-old recovered himself successful a tangle with NBA All-Star Joel Embiid - Simmons' highest illustration Philly teammate who past week said "I don't attraction astir that man" arsenic the furore implicit Simmons' instrumentality to the 76ers reached fever pitch.

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Embiid asks fans to enactment Simmons

Embiid chased the young Australian to the rim and aggressively blocked the Giddey shot, barrelling the teen over, with Giddey past colliding hard with the padded basal of the hoop.

Giddey looked injured for a fewer seconds earlier brushing it off, acknowledging Embiid, and past sinking his escaped throws.

Onlookers were impressed when, with his adjacent possession, Giddey calmly drained a three-pointer from the country of the court.

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Former Australian manager Brendan Joyce was livid astatine the dense interaction by Embiid connected the teenager.

Giddey was asked by media post-game astir his clash with Embiid.

"It was OK. Good contention astatine the rim I guess... Embiid's a large boy," Giddey said.

"But thing came retired of that, I'm fine."

It was Giddey's 3rd NBA crippled and his champion truthful far.

"The archetypal 2 games I was bad. Tonight I conscionable wanted to get into the groove early," helium said.

Observers connected societal media were impressed with the young Aussie.

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