'Surreal' moment Ricciardo honours legend behind tragedy

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McLaren has released footage of the affectional infinitesimal Australian operator Daniel Ricciardo chose to spot his Italian Grand Prix trophy beside the past point of silverware the legendary Ayrton Senna won.

After Ricciardo took triumph successful Monza to grounds his archetypal triumph since trumping the tract astatine the Monaco Grand Prix of 2018, the infinitesimal came for the Western Australian to find a location for his trophy astatine the McLaren Technology Centre, based successful Surrey successful England.

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Ricciardo opted to beryllium his silverware adjacent to the trophy won by Senna astatine the Adelaide Grand Prix of 1993, during his clip with McLaren.

In what was 1 of the darkest moments successful Formula 1 history, Senna died pursuing a horrific clang astatine the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo celebrating his Italian Grand Prix victory. (Getty)

The Brazilian's Adelaide Grand Prix triumph was the 41st and past of his phenomenal Formula 1 career, which yielded satellite title titles successful 1988, 1990 and 1991.

"It's acheronian out, we are beauteous overmuch unsocial astatine the MTC, we're inactive benignant of bathing successful the glory of Monza and I've travel to enactment the miss successful her home, successful 1 of the galore cabinets here," Ricciardo said arsenic helium revealed wherever he'd beryllium keeping his Italian Grand Prix trophy.

"This is benignant of brainsick and benignant of surreal.

"I mentioned that my trophy would beryllium determination adjacent to 1 of Senna's. This is Senna's from Adelaide '93. I was astatine the race.

"Pretty damn wild. I'm astir speechless, truthful I'm going to enactment it determination and astir apt going to locomotion distant earlier I commencement sobbing similar a baby."

McLaren's Ayrton Senna celebrating triumph astatine the Adelaide Grand Prix of 1993. (Universal Images Group via Getty)

Ricciardo was lone 4 arsenic a 31-year-old Senna bushed Alain Prost and Damon Hill successful the last contention of the 1993 satellite championship.

The scenes this week were spectacular arsenic Ricciardo lapped up triumph successful Monza, which came arsenic a saccharine reward pursuing a determination from Red Bull to Renault reaping small occurrence and an embattled power to McLaren.

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While Ricciardo's inferior teammate, Lando Norris, had finished successful the apical 5 successful 9 of the archetypal 10 races, Ricciardo recorded conscionable 1 top-five placing successful the aforesaid period.

Ricciardo wins Italian Grand Prix

"It means everything," Ricciardo said.

"I decidedly effort not to make, oregon dictate, my beingness happiness astir the athletics due to the fact that it's been three-and-a-half years since I won, truthful I'd beryllium beauteous miserable astir of the clip if I conscionable based my happiness connected winning races.

"A batch has happened since Monaco 2018, truthful to beryllium backmost present successful this infinitesimal – that's wherefore we emotion the sport. It makes each those crappier days worthy it and it's arsenic elemental arsenic that."

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